COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update

Our vets are trained in disease control. We can give advice for specific conditions for your individual stable yards or scenarios. Please feel free to contact us. Let’s all be proactive in slowing down the spread of this virus. Ensure you have implemented the control measures recommended in the presidential address.  

Current information available says horses and other domesticated pets are not able to be infected with COVID-19. We are still available for your veterinary needs and services. However, we request our clients and their staff members to inform us ahead of time if they are experiencing any clinical symptoms of the virus so we can make the necessary arrangements to keep all parties safe.

We as a practice have instituted control measures preventing virus transmission for everyone visiting the practice. Please phone ahead of time regarding hospital visitation and medication collection.  

Please see attached diagrams recommended on “How to Handwash” and to “How to Handrub” with soaps and sanitizers.

Our vets:

Dr Ralph Katzwinkel

Dr Sean Miller

Dr Bronwyn Desfontaines

Dr Nicolas Demunter

Dr Keith Spargo

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Telephone 031 769 1256


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