Layup Payment Option

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Layup Payment Option

Vets are obliged to offer 24/7 emergency veterinary service for your horses during the Covid-19 outbreak. The costs of doing so are prohibitive due to the overheads in running a hospital and the reduction of work.

There is also an added risk to the vets and staff being exposed to the virus. Please can you assist us in settling your account promptly for work we have performed.

We understand that the current circumstances make it very difficult to meet financial commitments. Should you need a vet to care for your horses we can offer you a payment plan option called LAYUP.

By joining LayUp you will have the opportunity to pay your outstanding balance via either credit card or EFT, at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home.

  • Pay via Card or EFT securely online & monitor your payments on your LayUp Dashboard.
  • No lengthy application processes.
  • You will receive a payment link by email and by SMS which you can click on to activate your account by making a small deposit payment with LayUp.
  • Once you have registered you can log in to your bespoke customer dashboard for a summary of all payments made, future payments and your balance owing.

Your vet account will continue to be sent to you monthly. LayUp will also send you an email and SMS to remind you to pay the next instalment amount via the LayUp solution – you simply click on the link to make the next payment.

Any client that wishes to avail themselves of the payment plan for horses requiring treatment or accounts that are in arrears, please contact us on 031 7691256 or email For more information on LAYUP visit our website at or on our

Face book page

Please feel free to contact us or the LayUp team if you require further information or assistance.

Tel: 087 094 5555 Email:


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