Primary Care

Summerveld Equine Hospital offers routine health care such as physical examinations, dentistry, de-worming and vaccinations as well as 24 hour emergency medicine, and critical care and speciality medicine.

Specialty Services

Veterinarians cover an extensive area, approximately 150km in radius, from the Summerveld Equine Hospital. Besides the racing centres of Summervled and Ashburton, we also travel to Pietermaritizburg, Richmond, North Coast and the South Coast of KZN offering the best service to our clients far and wide.

Hand held and electric dental tools

General anaesthesia for surgery and diagnostic procedures. Careful monitoring using a cardiocap monitor and positive pressure ventilator

Diagnosis, therapy and follow up care for animals with skin disease or skin problems caused by allergies, parasites, infections or hormonal imbalances


Equine Performance
Diagnosis of poor performance in racehorses and the sporting horse: gait analysis, orthopedic problems and identification of respiratory obstruction or sound in the equine athlete

Consultation with top farriers includes examination of hooves and therapeutic shoeing.

Internal Medicine
Diagnosis and treatment of serious health problems, such as cancer, pulmonary problems and infectious diseases.

Opthalmology Diagnosis
Treatment of problems of the eye, working closely with specialist veterinary opthalmologist Dr Andrew McKenzie.

Soft tissue Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery

General surgery
Includes abdominal surgery for life threatening colic, respiratory and urogenital surgery. Orthopedic surgery including arthroscopy and fracture repair.

Most aspects of reproductive health, including obstetrics, breeding soundness exams, infertility and artificial insemination